Fall has quickly become one of my most favorite seasons. I grew up in Southern Louisiana and Mississippi and moved to Texas after college so I never really experienced a true Fall season. I still remember the first Fall after we moved to the Upstate. We drove up to the mountains, and immediately I just saw beautiful pops of yellow, orange, and red. It was right there that I fell in love with Fall.

I am so glad that Fall has finally arrived, and I am anxiously waiting for the cooler weather and the leaves to change colors. While no Fall Foliage tool can be 100% correct about the times when leaves will be at their peak, it appears that peak season for Upstate SC and Western NC will be around October 29-November 5.

With that in mind, you are going to want to start planning your outdoor adventures where you can get the best view of those gorgeous fall leaves. So we have gathered a few of our favorite trails to hit up during peak season.


Pinnacle Mountain– located in Table Rock State Park. If you have been following us for a little bit, I am sure that you have heard our opinion that this least traveled trail is our favorite in Table Rock State Park. We have hiked this trail during the fall and the view at Bald Knob is made even more gorgeous with the pops of red and orange.

Table Rock- located in Table Rock State Park. If you are up for the challenge, the view at the top of Table Rock is incredible as well.

Pinnacle Mountain and Table Rock loop – For those who want all the killer views, a walk through the colorful woods, and probably some tired legs, you can hike a full loop with Pinnacle Mountain Trail, Ridge Trail, and Table Rock Trail.


Black Balsam Knob– This trail offers breathtaking views during any time of the year, but with the fall colors these mountain views will have you staring in awe of nature’s beauty. If you are wanting to avoid crowds, then this is not the trail for you.

Rough Ridge on Tanawha Trail- Personally, this hike is on our list for peak season. We can’t wait to walk along the craggy rock outcroppings with the pops of fall color.

Shining Rock- Just like Black Balsam Knob this hike is gorgeous any time of year but it is exceptionally beautiful during the fall season. Just be aware that there are no blazes on this trail, and with the leaves falling on the trail it can be very easy to lose the trail (we have been there before) so make sure you bring a map. On the other hand there usually isn’t too much traffic, so you can enjoy the beauty of nature in a little bit of solitude.

These are just a few of our favorites and there are so many good trails in our area that we could have listed.

What are some of your favorite falls trails that we missed?

Remember that with Fall season comes hunting season. Please make sure you are following safety rules in areas where hunting is allowed.

See you on the trail!