Paris Mountain State Park is one of the greatest assets in Greenville. This beautiful park has more than 15 miles of hiking and biking trails. With it being only a few minutes away from downtown, it is a great place for a weekend getaway or even an after work retreat.

The Brissy Ridge and North Lake Loop is one of the most challenging hikes in Paris Mountain. The trail starts at the parking area and you can choose to head in either direction on the trail. At the main parking area the trail splits. Towards the east (right facing the trails in the parking lot) starts the hiking only portion of Brissy Ridge. This stretch of trail is challenging due to the drop in elevation and rocky terrain but is less than a mile long

After finishing the hiking only portion of Brissy Ridge you can head down the short Pipsissewa trail. This trail will lead you to beautiful lake views on the North Lake loop trail. There are several camping spots with views looking right out on the lake too.

Continue on the Kanuga trail which will take you back to Brissy Ridge. This section of the loop is a wide, dirt trail that takes you back up towards the start. The uphill section here makes for a good climb and a good workout. Be careful because there could be mountain bikers on this part, but bikes aren’t allowed on the trails on Saturdays.

If you are looking for a trail that will give you a good workout after work or on a weekend, this is the trail for you. If the 5.8 mile loop is still too long, you can always take one of the trails that cuts across to make a shorter trip.

See you on the trail.