Mountain Bridge Passage trail and Lake Wattacoo trail are partly in Caesar’s Head State Park and partly in the Ashmore Heritage Preserve. With a couple small waterfalls and a nice lake view, these trails make for a pleasant hike.  

There are a few main parking areas – several off of Civitan Camp Rd and another off of Persimmon Ridge Rd. The trails aren’t that popular so finding parking shouldn’t be hard at one of the spots. We decided to park off of Civitan Camp Rd since we were hiking all the way up to the Pinnacle Pass trail.

After hiking a little ways on Mountain Bridge Passage trail you’ll come to an intersection in the trail where you can take a path to one of the parking areas, continue on Mountain Bridge Passage, or turn onto Lake Wattacoo trail. You should definitely wander over to the Lake Wattacoo loop if you can. The lake is beautiful and there are some good views of cliffs in the background.  

Now Lake Wattacoo trail is supposed to loop around the lake and back around to Mountain Bridge Passage trail. Once we got to the end of the dam though, we had no luck figuring out where the trail went and ultimately turned back around. After looking at some maps, we think that it was right in front of us the whole time, but since our topo map didn’t show the trail, we missed it.

Once you get back on the Mountain Bridge Passage trail, a couple waterfalls still await you.  They aren’t as large as some of the other waterfalls in Caesar’s Head and may be harder to see as well, but I find all waterfalls beautiful and think they are definitely worth seeing.  After you pass the last waterfall, it’s just a little further to the last parking area on Persimmon Ridge Rd.

At this point, there’s nothing more to see along the trail and unless you just want a nice walk in the woods or are going on a longer hike that includes Pinnacle Pass trail, you’ll probably want to turn around. It was clear when we hiked this section that most people do turn around as we walked through more spider webs on that last section than I’ve ever come across in my life.

Spider webs aside, this is a great hike to take and one that we are planning on revisiting to see what else there is around the lake.

See you on the trail!