It is a tradition among our friends to hike on New Year’s Eve. (This way we get to burn a few extra calories so we can fit in a few more drinks without feeling guilty. ha) This past New Year’s Eve, we decided to hop in the car and head to Oconee State Park to hike Tamassee Knob.

When you start out on the trail it is a fairly easy trek. This section is one of the ends of the foothills trail, so you could see people either beginning or ending their 77 mile thru-hike. After a little bit of a walk you will come across a couple intersections within a few hundred feet of each other. Continue straight following the black blazes, and your trek up to Tamassee Knob will begin.

Overall, there is not much sightseeing on the trail. But if you go in the fall or spring I can imagine that the walk through the forest is a beautiful sight to see. Unfortunately, we went in the middle of winter so it was cold and there was nothing but dead leaves covering the trail.

Continue along the trail, making sure that you are following the black blazes. After a short two miles, you’ll reach the end of the trail and a rock with a perfect view of the blue ridge mountains.

After a little break, head back down the way you came. If you get hungry on the way back to Greenville, make a stop in Clemson and grab an amazing burger from BGR, The Burger JointThey have great burgers and milkshakes, so reward yourself because you burned off all of those calories hiking. Right?!? At least, that is what we like to tell ourselves. Ha. (It goes with our motto that every good adventure should end with good food).

See you on the trail.