If you read our previous post about Why we Picked a Ford Transit Connect, you saw that we really only hit the positives for the van. But you can’t have a list of pros without a few cons, so here are a couple negatives we have with our Ford Transit Connect.

Lack of info for Smaller Vans

One of the problems we’ve come across with having a Ford Transit Connect is that a lot of the information out there is for the larger vans. If you’re just looking at van life info online, it’s almost certainly for something bigger than our micro van. A lot of the general info like how to install insulation, what type of flooring to use, or how to make some window covers is certainly useful no matter the size of your van. Everyone has different goals with their van, so you’ll have to piece some info together to get what you want.

Once we got past all the general information for our van, we were still in need of some advice and inspiration for making our small space as big and multifunctional as we could. This is where we started to have to dig a little deeper. In the end, we found some great information out there about converting a micro van. Here are some resources that may be useful for you:

  1. “Fat Berta” – One of the best microcamper conversions out there 
  2. Renault Kangooo Minicamper Video – A super simple idea to have a fully modular system with a lot of storage and a bed 
  3. Hiking Van Pinterest Board – Some of the ideas we thought were pretty sweet

Not the Most Reliable

So far we haven’t had any serious issues where our van breaks down or doesn’t start. The only problem we’ve had was a struggle one morning to get the keys out of the ignition, but that was resolved with a little effort and a fair amount of time. Even still, there are certainly manufacturers better known for long running, reliable vehicles than the one we picked. This con isn’t just based on the name of the manufacturer though. In our search for a van, we noticed that a lot of the Ford Transit Connects for sale had the transmission replaced between 80k and 150k miles. That seems to indicate that you may be replacing the transmission earlier than you’d normally expect to.

Even in working on this blog post, I struggled to think of cons for our van. We had a lot more good things to say than negatives, and I’m optimistic that it will stay that way as we drive our van to more and more trails.