School is officially out and summer is in full swing. If you are looking for a trail that is perfect for the little ones, then this is the trail for you! Wildcat Wayside is a 1 mile loop trail that is just minutes away from Caesars Head State Park.

Parking for this trail is located right off of Geer Highway. Most of the time there is a vendor selling local honey, so if you are interested in that bring a little cash and support a local business.

When you start out on the trail, there is immediately a waterfall to your right. You can even see this waterfall from the road.

If you head up the steps you will see a little information board with a map of the trail. You will also see the upper part of the waterfall you just passed. Continue to follow the yellow blazes and you will come to a fork in the road. If you head to the right you will continue to loop around to the main waterfall. (If you want to cut the trail even shorter, head to the left because the waterfall is closer on that side).

Side Note: There are a ton of signs asking you not to climb the main waterfall. Please abide by all rules. There have been multiple deaths due to people slipping and falling. There has even been a case of a boulder falling on a teen who was climbing the waterfall.

If you are looking for the perfect day, head up to hike Wildcat Wayside. Then hop in the car and have a picnic lunch at the outlook at Caesars Head. You can thank me later for planning a perfect summer adventure for your family!

See you on the trail.